Missing Teeth


Implants have now been around for over 30 yrs. Simply put, implants are a way of replacing a single tooth or multiple teeth. The implant is a titanium "post" that is surgically placed in the bone. A crown can then be fixed to this implant. The implants are generally left alone and are not removed.


This procedure is carried out to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. However as distinct from implants, the teeth on either side of the space are prepared. Generally to replace one missing tooth, the bridge preparation would involve preparing two teeth and the bridge will then consist of three crowns attached as one unit.

Resin Splinted Bridge

This procedure is carried out in one visit with little or no tooth preparation. Generally a lower cost than implants or porcelain bridgework as there is no lab fee to pay. Only suitable for single missing teeth with low biting loads.