Teeth Whitening

In Chair Whitening System

Teeth Whitening is presently one of the most popular Dental cosmetic procedures, due to TV makeover programs, newspapers and fashion publications highlighting Cosmetic Dentistry. Dental by Design offers a choice of two procedures to whiten teeth; Britesmile which is a one hour treatment has featured on the Australian TV program "Bodyworks". The other is an At Home Whitening System. The overall results of teeth whitening is dependent on the initial state of your teeth. The response to whitening will vary from person to person. It is therefore, important to have your teeth assessed professionally before you embark on any whitening procedure.

Britesmile (ONE hour in-chair Teeth Whitening System)

The world leader in professional whitening treatments, BriteSmile offers consumers dramatically whiter teeth in a one-hour treatment, using a wavelength sensitive gentle whitening gel and patented cool 'blue-light' process, leaving teeth up to nine shades whiter.

BriteSmile developed and manufactures the most advanced teeth whitening technology available. Opening its first Professional Whitening Centre in California USA in February 1999, BriteSmilelaunched in Sydney in September 2002 and there are now over 5,000 BriteSmile Associated Centres across the world. To date, BriteSmile has treated over 650,000 people globally.


Developed by a team of scientists, led by former NASA scientist and member of the Hubble Space telescope Dr. John Warner, the BriteSmile 'blue-light' technology combined with a proprietary new, wavelength-specific gel, has created a revolutionary method of teeth whitening, which quickly, safely and effectively whitens upper and lower teeth at once.

Dr. Warner and the team of scientists created the gel, which contains a proprietary photo-initiator, that when activated by the patented 'blue light' activates the gels natural teeth whitening compounds.

The 'blue-light' will only trigger the gel because it is specifically tuned to respond to certain wavelengths of light.


Unlike sunlight, the BriteSmile patented light does not release harmful ultra-violet rays, instead operating in the gentle blue spectrum, which is safe for tooth enamel as well as skin, gums, and other soft tissues.

The BriteSmile method involves a safe, proprietary cool blue-light, LED (light emitting diode) technology with no UV.

BriteSmile has the lowest amount of peroxide of any in-clinic teeth whitening service - the pH balance proprietary gel is not harmful to the gums or teeth.

Clinical Testing

Proven to be safe and effective, BriteSmile has had clinical studies published in JADA (Journal of American Dental Association), which concluded that peroxide and light treatment significantly lightened the colour of teeth to a greater extent than did peroxide or light alone, with a low and transient incidence of tooth sensitivity. Go to http://www.britesmile.com/jada/ to see the full report.

Independent safety studies, conducted by the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey and confirmed by senior researchers at NYU, prove that the BriteSmile Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment is safe, while clinical studies performed by BriteSmile and others show that our whitening results confirm an average of 9 or more shades lighter and even higher for individuals with darker teeth.

The Procedure

Your dentist will conduct a preliminary examination, to check the suitability of your teeth for the BriteSmile whitening process. During this consultation all questions you may have, are answered and the procedure is explained. Treatment begins by isolating the teeth and protecting the gums with a resin coating. The whitening gel is applied to the teeth and then activated by the 'blue light' source. After three 20-minute cycles or one hour of treatment, the whitening process is complete. Sometimes a further 20 min cycle is required to maximise the whitening process (at no extra charge).

Longevity and Maintenance

The efficacy of the treatment will last about 2 to 3 years depending on lifestyle. Home maintenance products (whitening toothpaste and whitening mouthwash), can preserve the whitening for years. As part of the BriteSmile treatment Dental by Design offers at no extra charge the new 'BriteSmileTo Go' teeth whitening pen system which makes maintenance so much more convenient and easy.

At Home Whitening System


The proof is in the results. Nothing will give you a brighter, whiter smile than home whitening. It has proven effective on tens of thousands of smiles, reversing the effects of aging, coffee, tobacco and other stains.


The Home System is designed to fit each individual's needs and lifestyle. You can whiten at a time that suits you.

Is it safe?

Yes. Whitening your teeth, under the supervision of your dentist, has been proven safe in clinical studies over a period of many years. The primary ingredient in Home systems is carbamide peroxide, which has been safely used to brighten the smiles of millions people worldwide.

How long does it take?

Results are often seen after one night. Optimum whiteness usually occurs when the process is continued for a week to 10 days. Your dentist will go over what you can expect for your individual situation.

Are there any side effects?

There are a small number of people that could experience increased sensitivity to hot or cold during the whitening process. This is temporary and can be treated with analgesics such as Nurofen. The sensitivity will normally go away within the first 48 hours after the whitening process is completed.

How long will it last?

The duration of your results depends largely upon you. The results may be permanent. Practice good oral hygiene and brush normally, especially after consuming staining foods or beverages and your results could last for years. If you use staining substance like coffee, tobacco and red wine you may want periodic touch-ups for one or two days every couple of years.