White Fillings


The choice of material to use for each patient will generally depend on the size and depth of the filling. Large fillings are predominantly replaced with porcelain material, which is very similar in physical properties to our natural teeth. Resin can be used for the smaller fillings or in teeth that do not take heavy loads during chewing.

Cerec 3D

At Dental by Design, porcelain fillings are made by a special computer-aided design and manufacture (CAD-CAM) process. We have a specialised piece of equipment called a CEREC 3D machine that takes an image of the prepared tooth (after the old filling or decay is removed) from which your dentist will then start designing the new porcelain filling. In about 10-15 minutes a milling device proceeds to cut from a solid block of porcelain, the exact filling that was designed on the computer.

The porcelain filling is then tried into the tooth preparation to check the fit. Once the fit is established, the filling is bonded into the tooth and polished.

So the whole process is completed in one appointment, whereas with traditional methods, you would have to come in twice, before the porcelain filling can be completed. Not only that, there are no impressions required with this technique..